Monday, December 8, 2014

You will hear of delays and rumors of delays

The photo is of the U.S. Coast Guard antenna farm from Barometer Mountain, near Kodiak City. Kodiak Island has a reputation for rain and all kinds of nasty weather, but I don't think it's deserved. I think the fact most of us fly to the island when we go there is part of the reason for the reputation.

Those mountains drop right into the North Pacific and Kodiak's airport--now called Kodiak Benny Benson Airport--is not the sort of runway pilots take chances with. So many of us fly there, and because of the length of the runway, the fuel it takes to get an airplane there from Anchorage and various other factors, delays are inevitable. If we haven't been delayed, we've heard rumors of  delays. And those delays are spent in airport terminals. Some islanders will warn you to not travel off the island without scheduling an extra day. When the weather is pleasant, which it usually is at least for one small part of each day, you can use that travel day to decompress.

I took the photo in 2007, and used it to create this blog, which has been sealed ever since. I used a real nice camera owned by the Kodiak Daily Mirror. If you're ever on Barometer Mountain and you find a pair of magnetized shaded lenses for a pair of eyeglasses, those are mine.